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Nebraska Fish and Game Association Censors Singeltary from speaking about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) again

Nebraska Fish and Game Association Censors Singeltary from speaking about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) again

You have been banned for the following reason: Voted to ban.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

The director and the moderators of this forum came together and voted to ban you from this forum. We had a lot of members complain about the way you wet about posting your threads.

I personally would like to say thanks for helping some of our members realize the importance of CWD and the affects. Thank you for your time.

Best regards, xxxx



First off, I would like to apologize for the harsh manner in which you have been greeted on this site. As you said, I'm sure you are used to it but that is no excuse. I know there have been problems in the past of people registering on this forum to simply blow their own horn and promote their own cause. One guy was trying to convince people common carp were the best game fish and threatened to stock them into every public body of water he could reach! Notwithstanding, the greeting you received was unnecessarily harsh and a poor representation of the majority of people on this site.

Regarding CWD, I am not too familiar with the disease but I do try to keep up on the current state it. I too am puzzled why the people with the largest interest in deer are so resistant to learn more about this major issue. It certainly seems like you know what you are talking about and as you have said you have spent many years learning about and researching this topic.

One small piece of advice I may offer you is to introduce yourself and give some background information about yourself. Where are you from? Do you hunt or fish? Why are you interested in CWD/TSE? Do you work professionally with this topic? Just some ideas. I understand you are trying to provide a large amount of information and are unable to post links to articles, but the large blocks of text pasted in your posts comes off as impersonal and abrasive to some, especially from a new member.

I hope you stick around, I am always eager to learn especially when the issue is something as large as this.

Regards xxxxxxx


I was waaaay too far down the food chain to know him! The only vets I knew were the IIC's (inspector in charge) if whatever establishment I was working at. With the game and parks pushing increased white tail doe harvest in our state as a result of politically motivated legislation (Senator Lautenbaugh's deer depredation bill) passed 2 years ago, your information and "sounding the alarm" is falling on deaf ears with those who have the clout to do anything about it. It's your right to do what you're doing, but in my opinion it's a waste of time. Where are you from, and do you eat the deer you kill?


You're proceeding on the wrong assumption. A little background info. would be in order. I'm a retired Federal Meat and Poultry Inspector for the USDA. I've educated myself on the CWD issue, and have made my decision in regards to the consumption (or lack thereof) of venison. You have obviously educated yourself on this issue, and are free to divulge your information in this forum. I honestly feel the vast majority of the members of this forum have already made their decision in regards to this matter; and it is my personal opinion you are, for lack of a better description, "beating a dead horse". Out of curiosity, have you had any contact with our states game and parks commission with your concerns, and if so, what has been their response? xxxx


nobody's trolling here. i asked to come here to speak about CWD. CWD in Nebraska is mounting, it's spreading, and humans are being exposed to the CWD agent. if it was just the people that eat meat, were the only ones that were exposed, that is one thing. but this is about your cervids and environment, and, when you become exposed with the CWD agent, or any other TSE, and then have medical or dental or donate blood, you then expose others. so, it's just not about consumption. i knew there would be some that do not want to hear it, that's o.k., your entitled to your opinion, but others here may want to hear some of this, and try and do something to prevent the further exposure and spreading of the CWD TSE agent. i assure you i am here to promote awareness about CWD, to promote discussion and debate, nothing else. i am vested in nothing but the truth, and have been all along. i don't advertise on any of my blogs i post this CWD TSE science to. it's there for educational purposes. you need to educate yourself folks, with all the science. and yes, i am anti, i am anti stupid. i am anti corporate and political science. and the cut and paste are just facts, they have links. when i can post the links, the posts will be much shorter. but if it will make you feel better, i will go jump in a lake too, if you just become more aware to what you are dealing with i.e. CWD TSE prion disease. i had chicken last night, and a steak last week. oh, and yes somebody does just show up out of no where, from another state, and talk about CWD. i did, i do, and i have done it for years, from state to state as they fall with CWD, or any other TSE in a species. i was asked to be moderator of one State that fell, after being there for years, and i said the same thing, i can't moderate a state that i don't live in. but they freely accept the science and discussion and debate that comes from it. there are a few states that i have had trouble with, simply because they did not want to hear it, and did not want there hunters to hear it, because of the financial fallout. one of those states has recently let me back in to speak and share science about CWD. look, this is about more than money here, it's about your cervids, and your people. i have been in the pits for years doing this, debated folks and scientist all over the world, there is nothing you can say that will hurt my feelings. i am just the messenger folks, you can hate me, throw all the stones you wish, but read the science and educate yourself all you can. CWD and TSEs are here. they have even now linked the TSE agent to Alzheimer's, ALS, Parkinson's disease. and there is science now showing that Alzheimer's is transmissible. course there was science showing that a decade ago i.e. transmission studies. what does all this mean? i cannot answer that. i can tell you this, continue to ignore the CWD TSE agent and you risk your herd and people. shoot the messenger if you must, (i am full of holes), but don't ignore the science. ...

kind regards,



Greetings Nebraska Hunters et al,

I kind greetings from Bacliff Texas. I signed up again here after a very long absence, to monitor what appears to be an increasing spread of CWD in Nebraska.

I am interested in what you hunters in Nebraska think about this CWD prion agent, and what your concerns might be, especially since it seems that CWD has mutated into a second strain. A disturbing factor indeed. also, new and emerging science has shown that the risk factor for transmission to humans is very real, and increasing with every new strain of CWD found.

ALSO, recently, a stern warning from Prof. Aguzzi about Aerosol and the TSE prion agent, in relations with CWD ;

In Chronic Wasting disease (CWD) of deer several careful studies have been performed that, together with our present finding, depose in favor of airborne transmission in this naturally occurring disease. Indeed, CWD prions can be transmitted experimentally via aerosol and the nasal route to transgenic cervidized mice.33 Although no anecdotal or epidemiological evidence has come forward that airborne transmission may be important for the spread of CWD, several lines of thought suggest that this possibility is not implausible. In deer, prions have been detected in urine, saliva, feces and blood of diseased animals. Moreover, it was claimed that pathological prion protein could be recovered from the environmental water in an endemic area.34 Since all fluids can act as sources for the generation of aerosols, any of the body fluids mentioned above may represent the point of origin for airborne transmission of CWD prions.

ALSO, recently science shows ;

Accelerated shedding of prions following damage to the olfactory epithelium

In this study we investigated the role of damage to the nasal mucosa in the shedding of prions into nasal fluids as a pathway for prion transmission. Here we demonstrate that prions can replicate to high levels in the olfactory sensory epithelium (OSE) in hamsters and that induction of apoptosis in olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs) in the OSE resulted in sloughing off of the OSE from nasal turbinates into the lumen of the nasal airway. In the absence of nasotoxic treatment olfactory marker protein (OMP), which is specific for ORNs, was not detected in nasal lavages. However, after nasotoxic treatment that leads to apoptosis of ORNs both OMP and prion proteins were present in nasal lavages. The cellular debris that was released from the OSE into the lumen of the nasal airway was positive for both OMP and the disease-specific isoform of the prion protein, PrPSc. Using the real time quaking-induced conversion assay to quantify prions, a 100- to 1,000-fold increase in prion seeding activity was observed in nasal lavages following nasotoxic treatment. Since neurons replicate prions to higher levels than other cell types and ORNs are the most environmentally exposed neurons, we propose that an increase in ORN apoptosis or damage to the nasal mucosa in a host with a pre-existing prion infection of the OSE could lead to a substantial increase in the release of prion infectivity into nasal fluids. This mechanism of prion shedding from the olfactory mucosa could contribute to prion transmission.

AS far as human risk factor from CWD, either from consumption, and or friendly fire or the pass it forward mode ‘iatrogenic’ , this risk factor is very real ;

EFSA Journal 2011 The European Response to BSE: A Success Story

This is an interesting editorial about the Mad Cow Disease debacle, and it's ramifications that will continue to play out for decades to come ;

Monday, October 10, 2011

EFSA Journal 2011 The European Response to BSE: A Success Story


EFSA and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) recently delivered a scientific opinion on any possible epidemiological or molecular association between TSEs in animals and humans (EFSA Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ) and ECDC, 2011). This opinion confirmed Classical BSE prions as the only TSE agents demonstrated to be zoonotic so far but the possibility that a small proportion of human cases so far classified as "sporadic" CJD are of zoonotic origin could not be excluded. Moreover, transmission experiments to non-human primates suggest that some TSE agents in addition to Classical BSE prions in cattle (namely L-type Atypical BSE, Classical BSE in sheep, transmissible mink encephalopathy (TME) and chronic wasting disease (CWD) agents) might have zoonotic potential. ...end

I have followed this BSE TSE prion saga daily since December 14, 1997, when I watched my mother die from the Heidenhain Variant of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. I never did accept the UKBSEnvCJD only theory, and now science does not agree with it either. I don’t want to over state my concern here, but I am very concerned for Nebraska and the CWD ramifications there from, to animals, livestock, and humans.

I want to know how you as hunters are concerned with CWD, not only concern for yourself, but your family as well, your wife, your children, are you concerned for them as well, or not? remember, this is a disease that can incubate for decades, and more and more scientist seem to be very concerned for the potential transmission of CWD to humans, if it has not happened already and being masked as sporadic CJD.

ARE you concerned about the deer herd, or do you think CWD will just kill itself out?

OR, do you think CWD might kill the deer herds out?

WHAT are your concerns about CWD and GAME FARMS, and the environmental factors there from?

some of which have proven to be nothing more than a petri dish for TSE prion contamination. Some of these game farms use, or have used in the past high protein pellets containing SRMs (specified risk materials) i.e. ANIMAL TISSUE. oral transmission of CWD TSE tainted tissue is easily transmitted to deer. just this December the final report about the closing of a game farm in Wisconsin, and the purchase there from by the state, due to the incredible CWD infection rate there, and ramifications there from for years, if not decades to come. are you pro game farms, or not, and why?

WHAT about baiting and feeding? do you bait or feed, and if so, why, and if not, why not?

THESE are some of many of my questions I am curious about here.

I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions. I follow CWD from state to state, as it emerges.

I am NOT anti-hunter, I don’t care what you eat, I am a carnivore.

so please don’t shoot the messenger.

I will be glad to share some recent science with you as soon as I can post a few links here.

Nebraska has a CWD problem, it’s spreading, and I am just curious, what concerns the hunters have for it.

thank you,

kind regards, terry



Join Date Jan 2012 Location 77518 Posts 0 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Nebraska cwd forum ??? hello there,

i was wondering if it is possible to speak about cwd here, and pass along some science links on the topic? i have been following CWD and other TSE since 1997 and am very concerned about the spread of CWD, and it looks like Nebraska is going to be another hot spot. i went to make a post with a few links, but i don't think that's possible to post links now. it would not be the first time i have been shut down about speaking about CWD, but i was wanting to know before making a post, just so i did not waste your time or mine. there is just some new science emerging on CWD i think everyone should know about. i am not anti-hunter, i am pro-hunter, i am a carnivore.

would it be possible to make a forum here for CWD or Animal disease ???

If not, can i post some scientific study links about cwd TSE prion disease to the hunting forum ???

thank you, kind regards, terry



Thank you for your inquiry on this matter. We don't see a problem with you posting or discussing the topic on CWD but we do ask you that you keep it under the Hunting section of the forum and just post a new thread. Also please take a look at the forum guidelines before posting so that you know what type of topics will be tolerated. Another thing you can find in the guidelines is that you can not post links, images, and attachments until you reach a minimum of 10 posts.

Thank you xxxxx



When you asked me if you could talk about CWD here I was under the impression you wanted to discuss the issue with other forum members. We don't have a problem with you discussing the issue with other member but just posting facts about it is just going to get other members upset with you and deter them from reading any of your posts. The long and lengthy posts you have made are to most people are very drawn out and will not get read. Please keep it a discussion or we may just have to pull the plug.


You have been banned for the following reason: Voted to ban.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

The director and the moderators of this forum came together and voted to ban you from this forum. We had a lot of members complain about the way you wet about posting your threads. I personally would like to say thanks for helping some of our members realize the importance of CWD and the affects. Thank you for your time.

Best regards, xxxx


> > > but just posting facts about it is just going to get other members upset

scientific facts are hard to digest sometimes. ignore them at your own, and others, peril. ...tss


Chronic Wasting Disease 2006 Update Nebraska

My last posting before being banned due to discussing CWD in Nebraska the first time, in 2006 (I was trying to warn them back then, they shot the messenger then too) ;

posted August 09, 2006 09:17 PM


Chronic Wasting Disease 2006 Update Nebraska

Summary of Chronic Wasting Disease in Nebraska

Chronic Wasting Disease testing during the 2005 deer hunting season produced 15 positives from 7,381 samples collected. Since testing began in 1997 there have been 65 positive mule deer and 29 positive white-tailed deer, out of 24,849 tested.

The locations of free ranging deer testing positive for the years 2002 - 2005 are shown below.

Captive Elk Herds Positive for CWD in Nebraska

Subject: SCRAPIE and CWD USA UPDATE July 19, 2006

Date: July 19, 2006 at 12:06 pm PST


Infected and Source Flocks


AND THAT ENDED THAT. that was my last post before they banned me from speaking about CWD back then. ...

Due to a decision by the Commission, public posts to the Outdoor Forum are no longer allowed.

xxxx xxxxxxx

Information Systems Analyst Sr.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

2200 N. 33rd St.

(402) 471-5646




NOW, let me be perfectly clear. this time, it was the Nebraska Fish and Game Association that allowed me back on board, to post about CWD, after I had asked them to do so. what happened was, I got to speaking the truth about game farms, and CWD spreading there from, and a certain few complained, and kept complaining, they did not want anymore information (valid scientific peer review journals) that might hurt their industry. SO, I thank NFGC again for giving me a chance to try and educate hunters on CWD and the TSE prion disease. I think I supplied enough information to help educate, the ones that wanted to be educated, however, it’s the other folks I am concerned about. the ones that don’t want to be educated on this CWD, the ones that don’t want to speak about it, or learn about, and they don’t want others to either. these few folks are the ones that will help continue the spread of CWD. these folks caused the surpressing of CWD TSE prion information. to be good stewards of the woods and hunt, you cannot stick your head in the sand. these few folks did, and in doing so, they want everyone else’s head in the sand. and that’s been the problem all along. ...good luck!

so much for freedom of speech. can’t say I did not try. ... TSS

Don’t Forget CWD

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Dr. Dave Samuel

Nebraska just announced the finding of Chronic Wasting Disease in several counties in the center of the state. This shows the continued spread from western Nebraska. So what you say, “It’s obvious that CWD can’t spread to humans and it sure doesn’t seem to be hurting our deer herds.”

Maybe. Maybe on both counts. The release of information showing the spread of CWD in Nebraska (where I hunt every fall in the eastern part of the state) caused me to check out the website, . That blog lists a lot of other website with tons of information on CWD. CWD is not spread by bacteria but rather by prions that invade and destroy the brain. One very similar disease of humans is Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease. This blog presents a lot of information on that disease relative to whether humans can get CWD from diseased deer or elk.

Bottom line is that we don’t know a lot about prions. We do know that prions survive in soil for years. We know that deer can be placed in an area where CWD lived and after being removed for over a year, deer placed there again get CWD.

We don’t know how long prions stay viable in the soil. My guess is . . . many, many years. Maybe decades. We know that deer have prions in nervous tissue but also in lymph tissue and even muscles. We know that prions are spread via saliva and urine. (In fact that is why many states are concerned about baiting for deer.) We don’t think prions can be spread via eating deer meat but we aren’t positive. Scary because another prion disease ‘mad cow disease’ can be spread from cows to humans leading to death.

I don’t want to play the ‘what if’ game, but ‘what if’ one hunter got CWD from eating deer meat and that hunter died? Let’s not go there. The ramifications are beyond comprehension.

Another aspect of this problem is found on the above website as well as . I invite you to go to this website and after you peruse it you will see the relationship of CWD and deer farms. They discuss the Almond deer farm in Wisconsin. A buck shot there in 2002 had CWD and this led to all deer there being killed in 2006. Sixty of the 76 deer killed were CWD positive. In order to keep control of this situation and make sure the fence separating the contaminated farm from wild deer remained intact, the DNR bought the farm in 2011. Remember, this farm probably has CWD prions in the soil, so the potential for spread to wild deer is real. However, 1200 deer outside the farm have been tested and no CWD was found. The DNR wants to make sure the fences stay intact, so they bought it and will do research on CWD there. Seems like a good idea.

A total decontamination of the farm was conducted, but there is no way to know whether prions are still in the soil. They probably are. All timber along the fence is being cut to protect the fence. A second fence 12 feet from the first is being constructed. Apparently the Wisconsin DNR is very concerned about the spread of CWD.

If baiting for deer has been shown to exacerbate the spread of CWD then why do we find baiting being legalized in more and more states? The reason is simple. Hunters want baiting and they apply political pressure to keep baiting if they have it or to get baiting if they do not have it. The DNR in my home state of West Virginia would love to stop baiting for deer to prevent, or slow the spread of CWD from the eastern panhandle of the state, but the hunters won’t let that happen. A political hot potato.

Again, check out the above two web sites then tell me that CWD is not a potential problem for hunters and deer. This ain’t your average disease. So far, humans eating venison are OK and so far deer herds are OK too. But packing large numbers of deer in small areas is an experiment and only time will tell if ‘it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.’

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Soil clay content underlies prion infection odds

Monday, August 8, 2011

Susceptibility of Domestic Cats to CWD Infection

Oral.29: Susceptibility of Domestic Cats to CWD Infection

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CWD found in two free-ranging deer from Macon County Missouri

Monday, January 16, 2012


> > > similar if less acute concerns exist for all nine deer farms in Wisconsin that have tested positive for CWD. < < <



Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

West Central Region

1300 W. Clalremont Ave., PO Box 4001, Eau Claire, WI 54702-2786 Phone: (715) 839-3715 TDD: 711

DATE: Monday, July 18,2011

CONTACTS: Davin Lopez, ONR CWO coordinator, Madison. 608-267-2948 Kris Belling, DNR regional wildlife supervisor, Eau Claire, 715-839-3736

SUBJECT: Public input sought on future of CWO-tainted deer farm

BAD CLAlRE - Neighbors and others interested ill the deer farm formerly known as Buckhorn Flats are invited to a public meeting on the future ofthe property, now owned by the state Department of Natural Resources.

The open house meeting will mil 6-8 p.m. Thursday, July 28, in the auditorium at the Almond- Bancroft School at 1336 Elm Street in Almond, Background on the property, now called the Almond Deer Farm, will be provided, and the public is invited to ask questions and offer input 011 the management of the site,

The first case of CWD, 01' chronic wasting disease, among Wisconsin farm-raised deer was discovered on this property in September 2002. CWD, which affects deer and elk, is a contagious and always fatal brain disease for which there is no cure. The discovery o.f CWD on this property led .to the . depopulation of the entire deer herd on the farm.

In the end, 82 of the deer killed and removed tested positive for CWD. This is an 80 percent infection rate, the highest rate ofCWD infection recorded in North America, and possibly in the world.

The property is located along the east side of3rd Street, about one mile north and west of the Village of Almond in Portage County. The DNR purchased the 80~acre property this past spring for $465,000. There are 25 acres of cropland and 55 acres of woodland. About 65 acres are fenced, the area previously used as a deer farm. The property includes a single-family residence and a storage shed located outside of the fence.

Research indicates prions, proteins associated with the disease, can persist in soil for a minimum of three years and perhaps much longer. Prions that cause scrapie, a CWD-Iike disease in sheep and goats, have remained available and infectious for up to 16 years. DNR officials believe there is all unacceptable risk that CWD prions would infect wild white-tailed deer around this site if the fences would be removed. Since the previous owners were selling the property, and there is no continuing obligation to maintain the fence, wildlife officials concluded the best available option was to acquire the property.

similar if less acute concerns exist for all nine deer farms in Wisconsin that have tested positive for CWD. Because the question of how long a contaminated site is a risk to deer is of national and international 'interest there will be a number of opportunities for research at the Almond farm. Plans include building a second fence, if funding is available, to provide a secondary barrier and further reduce the risk of disease transmission to the wild deer herd. In addition, DNR officials must decide whether to maintain ownership of the house and lot.

The primary reason for DNR purchase ofthe property is to ensure that the deel-,fence remains intact, preventing wild deer from accessing the property and becoming infected. The pNR has an ethical and financial responsibility to maintain the fences until science offers a solution for assessing the risk 01' remediating the site. The fence will be inspected frequently.


The following counties are In the Wast Central Region: Adams, Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Juneau, La Crosse, Marathon, Monroe, Pepin. Pierce, Portage, st. Croix, Trempealeau, Varnon and Wood. The Public Affairs Manager for DNR West Central Region Is Ed Culhane, 715-839-3715.

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Chronic Wasting Disease CWD cervids interspecies transmission




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