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TEXAS Sum of all Trace-out Movement from CWD captive Medina Facility to date

Sum of all Trace-out Movement from Medina Facility

 Values Listed = Breeders, Release Sites, DMP

 Sum of all Trace-out

 Here are two examples of what waiting can look like with CWD ;

 CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE CWD WISCONSIN Almond Deer (Buckhorn Flats) Farm Update DECEMBER 2011 The CWD infection rate was nearly 80%, the highest ever in a North American captive herd. RECOMMENDATION: That the Board approve the purchase of 80 acres of land for $465,000 for the Statewide Wildlife Habitat Program in Portage County and approve the restrictions on public use of the site.SUMMARY:

 For Immediate Release Thursday, October 2, 2014

 Dustin Vande Hoef 515/281-3375 or 515/326-1616 (cell) or

 TEST RESULTS FROM CAPTIVE DEER HERD WITH CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE RELEASED 79.8 percent of the deer tested positive for the disease

 DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship today announced that the test results from the depopulation of a quarantined captive deer herd in north-central Iowa showed that 284 of the 356 deer, or 79.8% of the herd, tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

 *** see history of this CWD blunder here ;

 ***But details of the plan developed by Texas Animal Health Commission and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which include protocols calling for the killing of more than 200 deer on the Medina County property as well as potentially scores of the more than 700 deer the business sold to other captive-deer operations over the past five years, have ignited long-smoldering acrimony from the captive-deer industry and supporters questioning the disease's effects on deer herds, tactics used by state and federal agencies to prevent its spread, and even the nature of the disease.

 IF the state of Texas does not get serious real fast with CWD, and test all those deer, that 5 year plan is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, and Texas could wind up like Wisconsin.

 all cervid tested after slaughter, and test results must be released to the public.

 the tse prion aka mad cow type disease is not your normal pathogen.

 The TSE prion disease survives ashing to 600 degrees celsius, that’s around 1112 degrees farenheit.

 you cannot cook the TSE prion disease out of meat.

 you can take the ash and mix it with saline and inject that ash into a mouse, and the mouse will go down with TSE.

 Prion Infected Meat-and-Bone Meal Is Still Infectious after Biodiesel Production as well.

 the TSE prion agent also survives Simulated Wastewater Treatment Processes.

 IN fact, you should also know that the TSE Prion agent will survive in the environment for years, if not decades.

 you can bury it and it will not go away.

 The TSE agent is capable of infected your water table i.e. Detection of protease-resistant cervid prion protein in water from a CWD-endemic area.

 it’s not your ordinary pathogen you can just cook it out and be done with. that’s what’s so worrisome about Iatrogenic mode of transmission, a simple autoclave will not kill this TSE prion agent.

 Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 Texas CWD Medina County Herd Investigation Update July 16, 2015

 • 66 Texas sites, 2 Mexico sites

 Tuesday, July 28, 2015

 TEXAS Kills 35 Deer at Medina County Ranch (Texas Captive CWD)




 Zoonotic Potential of CWD Prions

 Liuting Qing1, Ignazio Cali1,2, Jue Yuan1, Shenghai Huang3, Diane Kofskey1, Pierluigi Gambetti1, Wenquan Zou1, Qingzhong Kong1 1Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2Second University of Naples, Naples, Italy, 3Encore Health Resources, Houston, Texas, USA


 ***These results indicate that the CWD prion has the potential to infect human CNS and peripheral lymphoid tissues and that there might be asymptomatic human carriers of CWD infection.***


 P.105: RT-QuIC models trans-species prion transmission

 Kristen Davenport, Davin Henderson, Candace Mathiason, and Edward Hoover Prion Research Center; Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO USA


 ***This insinuates that, at the level of protein:protein interactions, the barrier preventing transmission of CWD to humans is less robust than previously estimated.***



 I strenuously once again urge the FDA and its industry constituents, to make it MANDATORY that all ruminant feed be banned to all ruminants, and this should include all cervids as soon as possible for the following reasons...

 In the USA, under the Food and Drug Administrations BSE Feed Regulation (21 CFR 589.2000) most material (exceptions include milk, tallow, and gelatin) from deer and elk is prohibited for use in feed for ruminant animals. With regards to feed for non-ruminant animals, under FDA law, CWD positive deer may not be used for any animal feed or feed ingredients. For elk and deer considered at high risk for CWD, the FDA recommends that these animals do not enter the animal feed system.

 ***However, this recommendation is guidance and not a requirement by law.


 31 Jan 2015 at 20:14 GMT

 *** Ruminant feed ban for cervids in the United States? ***

 Singeltary et al

 31 Jan 2015 at 20:14 GMT

 you fool around with this cwd long enough, and it continues to mutate, and it already has mutated into more than one strain, but you think you got problems now.

 Chronic Wasting Disease


 P.126: Successful transmission of chronic wasting disease (CWD) into mice over-expressing bovine prion protein (TgSB3985)

 Conclusions. To our knowledge, this is the first established experimental model of CWD in TgSB3985. We found evidence for co-existence or divergence of two CWD strains adapted to Tga20 mice and their replication in TgSB3985 mice. Finally, we observed phenotypic differences between cervid-derived CWD and CWD/Tg20 strains upon propagation in TgSB3985 mice. Further studies are underway to characterize these strains.

 I’m just saying...tss


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