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Michigan DNR reports 70 case of CWD while otcarcher still spreading fake news blaming the poor squirrels

Michigan DNR reports 70 case of CWD while expert on tse otcarcher is blaming it on the squirrels and an old 1997 NYT article...LOL, God help them folks!

Total Deer Tested and Total Positives Cases

Deer Tested for Chronic Wasting Disease Since Detection of First Positive Free-ranging Deer (May 2015)
Click the Power Bi full view arrow icon in the lower right corner to maximize the interactive dashboard. Note: If the heat map does not automatically display (lower left), double-click in its window to activate it.,4579,7-186-76711_78204-357110--,00.html

Subject: otcarcher This is nothing new Squirrels are known "carriers" of Mad Cow disease

THIS IS FOR OTCARCHER, sending much love...tss

otcarcher posted on otcarcher This is nothing new Squirrels are known "carriers" of Mad Cow disease

otcarcher This is nothing new. Squirrels are known "carriers" of Mad Cow disease.

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    This is nothing new. Squirrels are known "carriers" of Mad Cow disease.
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LMAO! now, otcarcher and their supposedly new expert on CWD claims the squirrels are to blame because the NYT said so back in 1997...LMAO, God help Michigan and

so, media picks this up and runs with it all the while ignoring the other likely routes and sources of tse prion infection staring them right in the face. Hunter died of mad cow-like disease after eating squirrel's brain!

NO, this has not been confirmed, nor has any other suspect squirrel brain eaters that died from cjd. 

cdc has never confirmed this. 

there are so many other routes and sources staring us in the face, and unless these squirrels were eating ruminant mammalian feed, then i don't believe this story. 

no transmission studies were done, this is just a case of circumstance, imo.. 

IF this is all that they can come up with in a CJD Questionnaire, God help us... 


Towards Earlier Diagnosis of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs): A Case Series, Including One Associated with Squirrel Brain Consumption

Rochester Regional researchers: no clear link between squirrel brain consumption and death


Rochester Regional Health cannot directly connect the reported death of a man with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to his consumption of squirrel brain, researchers said Friday.

National and international media reports had indicated that the man’s squirrel consumption was linked to his development of the illness, which is similar in symptoms to mad cow disease.

But Emil Lesho, a hospital epidemiologist at Rochester Regional Health, said that’s not the conclusion he and a team of researchers had drawn.

The team presented research at a conference in San Francisco, after which LiveScience ran the initial story. That research did not show causation between squirrel brain consumption and the man’s disease, said Lesho. Instead, it showed an association.

“This is just typical epidemiology,” Lesho said. “You look for anything that could indicate where a disease came from.”

The research was not meant for public consumption, Lesho said. “Our original intent with this report was to present it in front of a jury of our peers at a scientific meeting, to become vetted.”

It started, Lesho said, when he and other researchers noticed what looked like a series of cases where patients had symptoms resembling mad cow disease. Statistically, Lesho said, they should see that disease about once a year. But now they were seeing “what looked like two or three patients over a four-month period.”

That would be concerning, because that family of diseases, caused by malformed proteins called prions, is very difficult to disinfect. Surgical equipment that comes in contact with patients who have prion diseases sometimes can’t be cleaned and need to be disposed of entirely.

“We want to be very careful with this at our hospital,” Lesho said.

In the end, further research showed that some suspected cases were not confirmed, and the frequency of the disease was actually in line with statistical expectations.

Still, though, because prion diseases are transmissible through the consumption of an infected animal’s nerve cells, Lesho says the bottom line is, “be careful if you eat brain tissue.”


Michigan Chronic Wasting Disease CWD TSE Prion Cases Jump To 69 to Date



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