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Wisconsin Second CWD positive deer found in Grant County

Second CWD positive deer found in Grant County


News Release Published: December 16, 2013 by the South Central Region


Contact(s): Tami Ryan, DNR wildlife health, 608-266-3143 Don Bates, CWD operations. 608- 935-1947 Bob Manwell DNR communications, 608-275-3317


MADISON, Wis. -- A second deer in Grant County from outside the current chronic wasting disease management zone has tested positive for the disease. The 1.5-year-old buck was killed and registered Nov. 24.


The most recent CWD-positive deer was harvested near the center of the county about 7.5 miles from the border of the CWD management zone and about four miles from the first positive which was buck shot during the 2012 season.


“This is why we have focused surveillance around the fringes of the CWD management zone, to better understand the distribution of the disease and identify the presence of the disease in periphery areas,” said Don Bates, DNR CWD operations supervisor. “Based on the 2012 positive deer, and what is known about the disease and how it spreads, finding another CWD-positive outside the current zone boundary was not unexpected.”


This is the third year that DNR has focused surveillance around the boundaries of the existing CWD management zone. Sampling of deer is voluntary in these areas and in Grant County, DNR partners with private businesses to collect samples.


“We thank all hunters who brought in deer for voluntary CWD testing during the nine-day gun season and the businesses that helped us collect samples,” Bates said. “This cooperation is essential to achieving our goal of detecting trends in prevalence and distribution of the disease.”


This second positive does not change any remaining hunting seasons nor does it change the current CWD management zone boundary. Baiting and feeding of deer is already banned in the county and will continue to be illegal.


For more information on CWD in Wisconsin, and to view CWD management zone maps, please visit dnr.wi.gov and search keyword “CWD.”






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